As a responsible manufacturer we believe we have a moral obligation to ensure that the products we manufacture are environmentally friendly and we go the extra mile to ensure that we achieve our objective.

beermat 7


Here are a few ouf our 'eco friendly' credentials...

  1. We source our board from suppliers who source their raw materials from forests that are part of the 'sustainable forest programme', where at least one seedling is planted for every tree felled.
  2. Our board is manufactured using either 100% wood fibres sourced from forests that are part of the sustainable forest programme or 85% already recycled wood-pulp, topped up with wood fibres from the sustainable forests.
  3. We use vegetable based inks which are manufactured from renewable resources such as soy, safflower and flax.
  4. Vegetable based inks emit just 10% of the Volatile Organic Compounds into the atmosphere when compared with the alternaive petroleum based inks.
  5. Our beer mats are 100% recyclable


We don't just talk about the need to have a responsible attitude towards the environment, we invest in it and we action it. if you care about the environment, then there are few advertising and marketing products that have the same level of eco friendliness than Thirstys Beer Mats!